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Quick peak into what it looks like


Simple, Flexible, Reliable

Flexible check

Define check on multiple conditions, based on response time, response content, header

Not just HTTP check, we can run any TCP check

Fast check

Every second count in uptime. You can configure check interval down to 3 seconds.

Heartbeat check

Beside normal uptime(pull), we also support hearbeat check for cron, worker

Data retention

Your data is stored up to 1 month for free accounts and up to one year in paid plan. If you need more than that, just contact us directly.

Multiple integrations

We support many service integration: slack, hipchat, telegram, sms, phone call and many more service


Need custom intergration with your own service? Use webhook to trigger actions when alert occurs.

Distribute checks

We run check on multiple locations to avoid false positive.


One click sign in using your social account


Easily manage multiple team(work, personal) using a single account with multiple associated emails

Seamless slack intergration

If all you need is notification, you can do everything via our slackbot. No registration require.

Install our bot and you are all set

Granular alert routing

Very granular on define alert target for checks.

Phone call alert

You do not have to use pagerduty to get phone call alert. You can config noty to calll you.


Your first month will have unlimited features. After first month, we will ask you to select a plan.

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  • 1 checks
  • 2 regions
  • 0 sms alert
  • 0 minutes phone alert
  • Team Support
  • Public Status Page
  • No Custom Domain SSL



  • 3 checks
  • 5 regions
  • 10 sms alert
  • 5 minutes phone alert
  • Team Support
  • Public Status Page
  • Custom Domain SSL



  • 100 checks
  • 5 regions
  • 200 sms alert
  • 10 minutes phone alert
  • Team Support
  • Public Status Page
  • Custom Domain SSL



  • 200 checks
  • 5 regions
  • 500 sms alert
  • 30 minutes phone alert
  • Team Support
  • Public Status Page
  • Custom Domain SSL

Open source

Self-hosted fan? We got you!

noty is an open source software, free and always will be. You can get the source and self-hosted it.
We also give premium support to install, configure and monitor your self-hosted noty inside your infrastructure